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Yes Mike! I want you to rush me my copy of your new comprehensive course "How To Make Real Money In The Judgment Recovery Business." I can get this wealth-building system for just $149.97 plus $10 shipping and handling for a total of $159.97.

I understand that I will receive the following training systems:

Volume 1. The Judgment Recovery Cash Flow System:  In this course I teach you everything about judgment recovery. You'll learn how to get clients, locate judgment debtors, locate their assets, and garnish their assets. Value $197.

Volume 2. The Judgment Lien Cash Flow System:  You make money by investing in judgment liens. You purchase the judgment at a huge discount and then settle the debt for more than you paid. Your money is fully secured by the lien. Expect exponential returns from the money you invest. Value $197.    

Volume 3. The Debt Settlement Cash Flow System: Here you assist both individuals and businesses settle their debts prior to going to court. Your fee is based on the amount of money you save your client by preventing them from being sued. You can make money in as little as 2 weeks. Value $147.

Volume 4. The Child Support Cash Flow System: Child support recovery is virtually identical to judgment recovery. This course will teach you how to earn money helping custodial parents recover back child support. All forms, contracts, and marketing material are included Value $127.      

I also understand that I will receive the following 10 bonuses valued at $1,775 to your program for free:

Bonus Number 1: A Free Website. You will receive 5 professionally designed webpages on our servers. You can use them to promote your new business, generate leads, and build credibility for your business. Value $799.00.
Bonus Number 2:  Lifetime Membership In My Forum. Here you can discuss issues with other judgment recovery consultants and also network with each other. It's a great place to receive assistance from myself as well as other knowledgeable professionals.  Value $500.
Bonus Number 3: Judgment Recovery Case Database Software You asked for it... We built it. Now you can have a powerful database management system to handle your cases. Let our software simplify your business and increase your daily productivity. Value $197.
Bonus Number 4: Judgment Interest Calculator.  This incredibly useful application comes pre-loaded with the judgment interest rates for every state in the country.

All you have to do is plug in the specifics for your case, and it will give you the total balance of the case you're enforcing. It's an absolute  must for anyone involved in judgment recovery. Value $47.00.

Bonus Number 5: Intelisoft Skip Tracing Software. This amazing software will provide you with the most reliable, yet cost effective resources on the web, for locating people.

Use it everyday to find judgment debtors fast and save money in the process. Value $67.00.

Bonus Number 6: How To Recover Out Of State (Foreign) Judgments. This informative how-to-guide will reveal the steps necessary to enforce a judgment even when your debtor has moved out of state. Value $27.
Bonus Number 7: Credit Reports Explained. Credit reports are one of the most important tools for the judgment recovery agent. This report will teach you how to read them like a professional in no time.
Bonus Number 8: The Virtual Attorney. A portfolio of legal documents for both personal and business use. Value $57.00
Bonus Number 9: The Nationwide Judgment Recovery Interest Handbook. Use this handy guide to look up judgment interest rates in any state. An indispensable guide. Value $27.00
Bonus Number 10: How To Market Your Business The Easy Way. Value $27.00

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