Judgment Recovery Business FAQ

Question: Why should I choose you course over the rest?

Answer: Quite honestly there are a lot of reasons. One of the aspects of my course that's different from all the rest is that I've identified a total of 4 ways to make money in judgment recovery.

No one else is offering a course this complete. Conventional judgment recovery is still an excellent way to make money. However, some states make it more difficult to do. My other courses work effortlessly in EVERY state

Question: What's your  background?

Answer: I have a Bachelor's Of Science degree in business administration. I was a licensed private investigator for 12 years prior to starting my recovery business in 1995. I began as a one man company back then. Today my company employees 51 people

Question: If judgment recovery is so great why are you selling a course? Aren't you creating more competition for yourself.

Answer: Judgment recovery is a great business. The reason I offer the course is that I often do joint ventures with my students who've studied  my training course. I have students who send me difficult judgments to collect.

My company collects them and I split the fees with my students. My only stipulation for working with you is that you must have purchased my course and the judgments must fall within our parameters.

Question: What kind of start up costs are we looking at to begin?

Answer: If you already own a computer and a printer, you're looking at around $200 tops. You'll need phone service and P.O. Box or mail receiving service. Most of my students create stationery using their computer and printer. Ultimately you may want to invest in a fax machine, however there are several free fax services online you can use

Question: How long will it take for someone to start making money after starting this business?
Answer: You can expect to start making money almost immediately.  It actually depends on how much time and effort you put into the business in the beginning.  I have students who've made over $24,000 within 90 days of starting their company.
Question: Am I limited to collecting only small claims?

Answer: Absolutely not! There is no difference in collecting a small claims judgment and a larger civil judgment.

The only reason that you will be initially collecting small claims judgments is due to the fact that in larger civil judgment case files the name and address of the judgment holder are not listed.

You may find that people will contact you after they learn what it is you do with larger judgments to collect. It is not uncommon that we hear of an independent judgment collector, like yourself, who is assigned a judgment for many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Quite often, these debtors are companies or corporations which are easy to find and have LARGE assets. Once you place a lien on their property, they are sometimes the easiest to obtain payments from.

Plus, with my course you're getting 3 additional ways to earn money. See the home page for details.

Question: Do I have to confront the judgment loser when processing a judgment claim?
Answer: No. Our training program is based on the non-confrontational judgment recovery method. 
There is no need to confront the judgment debtor when tracing their assets, locating and seizing  their bank accounts. 
You neither have to call the judgment loser or write to them.  All recovery will take place through the legal system.
Question: Will I need a special license or legal background to process judgment claims?
Answer: In most states a license is not required. Before conducting business I suggest you contact the attorney generals office in the state you reside in.
Our method of Judgment Recovery will teach you to file the acknowledgment document with the court.   This will give you legal ownership of judgments in your business name prior to recovering them.
This way you are not looked upon as a collection agency but, rather as the judgment holder. 
Furthermore, you don't need to have a law degree or a college degree to process claims.  We will train you in all areas of judgment recovery.
Question: What type of work is involved in judgment recovery?
Answer: Approximately 80% of your work will consist of investigative functions using your computer and your telephone.
The other 20% or so will be administrative work, such as submitting paperwork to the courts.


Question: Do I have to live in big cities to work in this business?
Answer: No.  Suits are abundant everywhere.  In small communities, towns & in large cities. 
Every small  community to mid-sized town to large cities have municipal or district courts. 
So you can work this business from anywhere in the United States and the best part is that you are not limited to processing claims in the area that you live in. 
When you get more experienced, you can also branch out to other counties, cities & states in the U.S.
Question: What about competition?
Answer: Competition is one thing you will not have to worry about in this home-based business.  With hundreds of millions of un-recovered cases and the countless new cases that come into existence each year, there is virtually more claims than you'll ever be able to recover.  There is room for hundreds of thousands of people to succeed in this home- based business. 
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