Judgment Recovery: One Of The Most Lucrative Home-Based Businesses In America Today...

"Hey! Listen Up! Are You Disgusted With Anemic Paychecks, Nerve-Shattering Commutes To Work, and Obnoxious Supervisors Who Make Your Life H**l? Then Put An End To The Rat Race and Cash In On The $237 Billion Dollar Judgment Recovery Industry Instead!"



From The Desk Of Michael O'Connor PhD:

Dear Friend,

Clearly envision yourself in the following picture. It's a gloomy Monday morning. The time is 6:07 AM. Outside your window you hear the ominous grind of rush hour traffic.

Suddenly your day unfolds like the worst 'B rated' horror movie you can imagine.
In a nano-second your brain goes into PANIC mode. Anxiety sweeps over you like a dark cloud. Your heartbeat revs into overdrive.

Your stomach churns like a blender on steroids. The back of your neck breaks out into a cold sweat.

It's the familiar gnarly sensation you wake up with every Monday morning.
To be honest,  you felt it kick-in Sunday evening!

It's gnawing away at you right now.

You've just been zapped by the notorious Monday morning blues. The ugly reality of yet another grueling week on the horizon... At a job you DESPISE!

Sound familiar?

Instantly Your Brain Races Full Throttle Into A...

Firestorm of emotions. Feelings of anger zoom through your mind like a swarm of pissed-off hornets.

Perhaps your thoughts sound something like this.

'OH-MY-GOD!... Back to the @#)*^$%^&' hellhole again!

"Where in the heck did the weekend go?"

"Wonder what kind of B.S. I'm in for today?"

"Hope the boss is in a decent mood?"

"Yeah right!... Fat chance!"

"Should I call out sick?"

"On a freakin' Monday? "

"Who am I kidding? That'll just put me in more hot water!"

"This is going to be one helluva week."

Hey listen, does any of this aggravation sound familiar to you?

But Just As Your Mind Reaches...

Maximum frenzy your eyes POP WIDE OPEN! After staring at the ceiling for several moments in disbelief, you take a deep, relaxing breath.

Then, with a huge sigh of relief, and a self-satisfying grin on your face, you shout out loud:

"Hey! Wait a minute..."

"I don't have to deal with any of that !@#$% today!"

"It was just a nightmare!"

"I'm self-employed!"

"Better yet, I work from home."

"I'm FREE of the rat race... Forever!"

Moments later you're sound asleep.

But that's only the beginning. Your Monday morning is about to get much better

Keep reading!:)

You'll discover how in just a moment.

A Day In The Life Of A Judgment Recovery Specialist

After a delicious extra 90 minutes of well-deserved sleep, you wake up fully refreshed.

Rush hour is nearly over... and guess what? You slept right through the worst part of it!

Next, you make a pot of fresh coffee and head to business headquarters... Your home office! Your commute takes seconds.

While sipping a perfect cup of coffee, you logon to your laptop. It's time for YOU to plan YOUR day instead of your former supervisor planning it for you.

Today you are in control!

But Wait... The Best Part Is Yet To Come!

An hour later, after a leisurely breakfast, you make a bee line to your local post office. This is where your day really picks up steam!

You open your P.O. Box and right in front of your eyes, you discover a half a dozen official-looking envelopes.

The envelopes contain several thousands of dollars, in courthouse checks... All made payable to your company!

You GRAB the checks and glance at your watch. It's only 10:45am and you've just taken possession of more money than 93% of the U.S. population will... The entire month.

For some folks, the entire year!

All because you're being introduced to the wealth building success formula concealed inside this website... And they aren't.

How's that for a Monday morning? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could begin every week like this?

Well Now You Can!

Hear me out. If what you just read sounds even slightly intriguing, then you owe it to yourself to read every word of this letter.

There's a strong possibility that judgment recovery is the home-based business opportunity you've been searching for.

Here's why.

FACT: Judgment recovery is a mega $237 billion dollar industry. It's an exciting, executive level career. It's also an all cash business with a never ending supply of new clientele.

Now, you can work from the comfort and privacy of your home, and generate the income of a surgeon or an attorney. I will explain how in just a moment, but first...

Who Am I And Why I'm Uniquely Qualified To
Help You Succeed In Judgment Recovery

My name is Michael O'Connor. Right out of college in 1987 I was hired by the IRS as a federal agent in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

It was there that I learned from the absolute best in the world about how to locate people and their assets.

The following year I also became a licensed private investigator.

Little did I know, those two rigorous information based disciplines would created the perfect training ground for a career in judgment recovery.

Then in 1995...

I took the specialized knowledge and hard core experience I'd gained from my professional career and applied it to an easier, far more lucrative home-based business.

A new, exciting career in judgment recovery. Now, for over 2 decades I have tracked down some of the most stubborn, evasive, and elusive judgment debtors you can imagine... and made them pay up!

I started out as a one man operation, working from a spare room, and built a booming business... Complete with 57 employees.

Today I'm the 'go to guy' judgment holders seek out when everyone else has failed to recover their money.

I've collected millions of dollars in judgments and have made a name for myself in the industry.
One technique immediately doubled the number of judgments I was collecting
"Michael O'Connor is the expert when it comes to judgment recovery. His course taught me one technique that immediately doubled the number of judgments I was collecting each month."
"You've got to pay attention to Michael O'Connor. He will teach you how to make the most money in judgment recovery... hands down. If you're serious about judgment recovery get this course now!"
Matt Spencer
Torrance, CA

What Does All Of This Mean For YOU?

I reveal my credentials, not to impress you, but to impress upon you the fact that I am clearly the most qualified instructor to help you succeed in this fascinating business.

I want to help you prosper in your own judgment recovery business, just as I've helped so many other people.
 Are You Ready To Begin?

Okay, let's get started! Maybe you've heard the old saying... "One of the best ways to become wealthy is by helping other people solve their problems." Well, that's precisely what judgment recovery is about.

Problem solving.

Let me explain

When an individual or a business wins a lawsuit in civil court, they're typically awarded a money judgment.

The award specifies the amount of money the judgment debtor is legally obligated to pay the judgment creditor.

At first glance, you'd think the new judgment holder achieved a major victory.

Unfortunately this initial triumph is usually short lived.

How's That Possible?

It's because the average judgment debtor rarely if ever pays voluntarily. To make matters worse, the courts do not collect the money either.

You can forget about what you've seen on the Judge Judy show. Winning in court is only half the battle!

In reality, it's 100% up to the judgment holder to locate the debtor's assets, and garnish their assets to recover the money.

And because most judgment holders have no idea how to solve this dilemma, they eventually 'throw in the towel.'

Okay... So That's The Multi Billion Dollar Problem!

It's also why approximately 83% of all judgments are never collected. The end result is that millions of judgments are filed away in courthouses throughout the country... Without a dime recovered.

Billions upon billions of dollars written off to bad experience.

With each year that passes, millions of new judgments are created. They're just waiting to be collected... Right now!
This Is Also Where You Solve The Problem, and
Make A Financial Killing For Yourself!

Here's how you're going to do it. Although the courts do not collect judgments for judgment holders, they do provide them with a powerful arsenal of collection tools.

Big guns like wage garnishments and bank levies just to name a couple.

These two ' collection strategies alone can earn you a fortune... That is... Once you've been professionally trained in their use!

But the true power of this incredible opportunity lies in the fact is the fact that money judgments can be assigned.

It's simple. For as little as $5.00 a judgment holder can sell his or her award to YOU for collection.

Finally... This Is Where The Extreme Financial Leverage
Of This Lucrative Business
Moves Into Fruition

Because once you become the owner of a money judgment you can use ALL the recovery tools allowed by law to garnish the debtor's assets.

Now, just imagine for a moment...

What do you think would happen if:

You were a professionally trained judgment recovery specialist?
  You knew how to locate assets like bank accounts and real estate with pinpoint accuracy?
You had a $237 billion dollar inventory of money judgments to enforce?

For one, you could become extremely wealthy. At the very least you could enjoy more money and freedom. 

Are you beginning to see the BIG PICTURE?

And I've Saved The Best Part For Last...

Industry standards strongly recommend that you take a 'hefty' 50% or of the money you recover ---  Right off the top!

Imagine that...  In essence, for every judgment you collect you write your own check.

You're Probably Wondering...

What kind of money we're talking about? I'll get straight to the point. Judgment recovery is not a get rich quick business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is pulling your leg.

It takes work. But the work, if you can call it that, is actually a lot of fun and very exciting.

Listen... If you hate your job and you're seeking a feasible, home based business. One that pays a well above average income, it doesn't get any better than this! More about the income in a moment. But first...

I Want To Give You Two Money Making Strategies...

Right away that will get your business off to a great start. In the beginning I advise you to collect judgments part time.

Play it safe. Keep your full time job until your business income significantly exceeds what you earn from your employer.

You'll know when the time is right to go full time, if that's your goal.

I also suggest that you focus on case files ranging from $2,000 to $7,000. These are your 'bread and butter' judgments.

They'll pay your bills, give you valuable experience, and build up your cash reserves.

... But that's just the beginning

Once you 'get your feet wet' the sky is the limit! You could soon find yourself collecting judgments with balances exceeding $25,000 or more!

This is very common. Obviously, when you're working with substantial dollar amounts, the potential for earning a great income is very real.

People Who Apply My Training Strategies Become
Extremely Successful At Enforcing Judgments!

I have students earning over $5,000 a month... working only part-time. Many of my top gun students working full-time are raking in $10,000 a month or more.

I assure you, this is NOT hype! Judgment recovery is a 100% legitimate profession. In fact, it's backed by the full weight and support of the U.S. judicial system.

Make no mistake... Once you're professionally trained you can build real wealth!

This business is no different than any other high in demand, skilled occupation. Get professional training and money is always there...

How Long Before You See The Money?

It depends. I have no idea when you will cash in your first judgment. I don't know your work ethic. I don't know how strong your desire to succeed is either.

Ultimately it's up to you.

With that said, the 'heavy-hitters' who follow my system to the letter, collect their first judgment or multiple judgments in about 60 to 90 days.

They accomplish this with near mathematical precision. The key is to follow my system.

I have created a fail-proof judgment recovery training system for you. It will reveal to you the easiest and fastest strategies to profit in this amazing business...

More about that in a second.

Will Starting Your Judgment Recovery
Business Be Difficult Or Expensive?

Nope. Not at all. Listen closely. You don't need a legal background. Previous business experience isn't required. Neither is money in the bank or good credit. You do not need to attend expensive seminars or get advanced degrees either.

You can quickly and easily learn everything, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. If you own a computer and have an Internet connection you're practically all set!

The Benefits Of Being A Judgment Recovery Specialist...
  You won't have a supervisor looking over your shoulder barking out orders!  You make your own decisions. You are the boss.
You can work from the comfort and privacy of your home.
There are no stressful deadlines to meet! You work at your own pace.
You won't have stiff dress codes to abide by... You can  work from home in your pajamas if you like.
You will not have a set lunchtime... You can have lunch or take a break whenever you like.
No company layoffs... need I say more!
No office jerks to deal with or unruly employees to manage!
No office politics, brown nosing or schmoozing to climb the company ladder! You own of the company!
No ridiculous projects to complete... You know the ones I'm talking about
No unfair performance reviews to live with! You right your own ticket... and your own paycheck
No inconsiderate or inconvenient vacation schedules to accommodate!

Take A Look At Look At The Following Case Studies.

They reveal how you can literally earn a fortune as a judgment recovery specialist.

The Assignment Method - A Collecting A $6,500 Judgment

Jim owes Carol $6,500. Carol sues Jim and is awarded a judgment for $6,500. But Jim has moved and Carol can't locate him.

Two years later Carol hasn't received any money from Jim. You contact Carol and offer to collect her judgment.

You tell Carol your fee is 50% of the money you recover. By now she desperate and gladly assigns her judgment to you.

Next, you locate Jim and where he banks. You garnish Jim's bank account, and collect the $6,500, plus interest

You keep an amazing 50% all for yourself! This comes out to $3,250 plus interest. Many cases can be completed in under 10 hours!


The Purchase Method - Collecting A $2,500 Judgment
You contact a judgment holder who has a four-year old judgment. The judgment is valued at $2,500. In addition to the face value, the judgment has been accruing interest at 10%.

You offer the judgment holder 10% of its value or $250.00. He knows that this offer is more than he has ever seen, so he sells it to you.

You then find the debtor and their assets, and file garnishments. When the judgment is satisfied you will stand to make $2,046 or more over and above your original investment.

Let's Examine The Earning Potential

In case study number 1 you earned $3,250.00 for just one case! Let's say your personal goal is to collect 2 to 4 judgments every month.

I can show you how to achieve your objective with near the precision of a Rolex watch... Even working part time.

Meet your goals and you've just created a $10,000 or more monthly stream of income.

Proof My System Delivers The Goods!

Recently, Eric S., a long time client contacted me to collect a judgment for his property management company (Yes, I still work side by side with my staff collecting judgments to this day.)

Using the identical collection strategies that will be revealed to you in my training system, I located the debtor. I also discovered where he banked!

Next, I levied his bank account. Nineteen days later I received the following check in the mail for $13,654.61.

My fee was 50% of the money I recovered, or $6,827.31... All for about 8 hours of work in total. That comes out to approximately $853.41 an hour.

Short of a surgeon or an actor, how many professions do you know of that pay over eight hundred dollars an hour?

Not long ago Melvin A. contacted me to collect a judgment for his family law firm. The judgment debtor was a computer engineer from Silicon Valley.

He owed my client for unpaid attorney fees. He'd refused to pay, so my client sued him.

I got started on the case and once again using the same 'proprietary' information you'll find in my training system, I quickly and easily located the debtor.

In a matter of 2 days I located his place of employment and started the paperwork to garnish his wages!

End result... I received a check in the amount of $618. 95 twice a month for 7 months, until the judgment was paid if full... All without lifting a finger!

Imagine Getting 6 to 8 Checks Like...

The ones above in your P.O. Box every month.

How about every week?

Better yet... How about every day?

Are you ready to share in the wealth?

If you answered yes then here's your chance to get in on the action. Starting today!

Announcing... Step-By-Step How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment
 Recovery Business


Written in plain English, this information-packed judgment recovery training system is the only 100% complete judgment recovery training course available today!

I'll prove it to you in just a moment.

But First Here's What's Included In This
Ground Breaking New Training System

My course will reveal to you a step-by-step business blueprint you can use to generate obscene amounts of cash, as fast as humanly possible.

To maximize your success, I've done ALL the ground work and fine-tuned this comprehensive program!

Nothing has been held back! Everything you need to know has been covered in pains-taking detail.

"This Might Be The Most Important
Section Of The Entire Website!"

Hey! Did you notice that when you secure a copy of my program you get not just 1 training system, but 4 systems in total!

Why 4 training systems?

Listen closely. The same outdated judgment recovery courses have been around for over 20 years!

Unfortunate but true.

But wait... There's morel. Each program is virtually identical to the next. And here's the worst part of all...

The Shocking Truth About All The Other Judgment Recovery Training Courses Out There!

Without fail they all leave a ton of money on the table. Yep, you're reading that right.
Here's what I mean.
Recently, I reviewed the websites of all the judgment recovery course on the web.

At first, I was shocked. Then I became angry. Sadly, the courses were 'mediocre' at best. Certainly nothing to write home about.

But without fail they all had one glaring fault! Each course ONLY addressed standard or conventional judgment recovery as I call it.

Please don't get me wrong. Locating debtors and garnishing their assets is a very  important part of the business.

I should know.

I've made an excellent living at it for over 2 decades

As a matter of fact, I fully cover conventional judgment recovery in Volume 1
of my training system.
However, Conventional Judgment Recovery
Is Merely The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Are you reading this? Did you know there are easier, faster, and even more lucrative ways to make money in our industry? Why would any sane individual put all their eggs in one basket?

My Training System Gives You The Keys
To Unlock 3 Additional Hidden Fortunes.

Hear me out... Over the last 22 years of doing business I've uncovered 3 lucrative business models. They're, all within the judgment recovery industry.

They're cash-rich and easy to put into action. Most importantly they're just waiting for enthusiastic entrepreneurs like YOU to exploit them to the fullest.

And listen closely...

My course is literally the ONLY training system available today that teaches you how to make money in each business model.
Why Offer four Training Systems In One Package?

Good question. My staff asks me that all the time: "Hey Michael, why not offer each training system individually, and charge more?"

"The programs are far too valuable to sell as a package deal.  Especially for what you're selling the program for."

I agree. That would be the easiest way to go. But here's why it's not the right thing to do.

It's Because I Genuinely Care About Your Success...

Listen... I've been where you are right now. I understand what you're going through.

Maybe you've tried other business ventures and things didn't work out. Maybe you need a MAJOR improvement in your financial situation.

Perhaps you're not happy with your current occupation, and you want to do something different.

I don't know you personally, but I do know this: If you've ready this far you're counting on me to deliver the goods!

And I'm determined to provide you with everything you need to achieve your business goals.

I want you to have the most comprehensive training system available anywhere today. One that's superior in both quality and quantity to ALL the rest.

Even more important, a course that will teach you how to earn the maximum amount of money in the shortest period of time, and with the least amount of effort!

Money & Freedom Awaits You!

Here's the bottom line... I want you to get my system, use it, and 'bump yourself into a higher tax bracket' as fast as humanly possible!

To accomplish this you will need cutting edge, comprehensive information. Therefore, I want you to have the most comprehensive training system available anywhere today.

One that's superior in both quality and quantity to every course out there. A system that will ensure you earn the MAXIMUM amount of money, in the shortest period of time... And with the least amount of effort!

That's what I have incorporated into this system. Why settle for less when you can have it all?

But don't take my word for it. Instead, take a look at what's included, and see for yourself.

Here's A Small Sample Of What You Will Learn
Discover how to launch your new business from your home for less than $150.00, and instantly have the credibility of a well established brick & mortar operation.
My proprietary 6 step judgment recovery process. Use this proven strategy and you can realistically see income within the first 60 to 90 days of starting your business.
7 high-powered marketing strategies you can use that will have your email, fax machine, and voice mail exploding with new clients daily. This is the perfect solution if you do not have time to visit the court house.
Tried, tested, and proven sales literature that quickly converts leads into business.
A simple strategy to use prior to going to the court house that will make court house clerks eager to give you all the case files you can handle.
The little-known secrets to negotiate with judgment holders so they're happy, even grateful to pay you more than the industry standard 50% commission.
How to protect your privacy from judgment debtors. I'll teach you a fail-proof method for concealing your home address and other personal information from judgment debtors. You can operate you business from home with 100% security and peace of mind.
8 new target markets that nobody knows about that are jam-packed with 'prime' money-making judgments.
How to determine which judgments you should pursue and which cases to avoid. Take the short-cut to making money faster and easier by using my specific criteria before deciding if you should to collect a judgment.
How to locate your debtor like a seasoned skip tracing professional using the most accurate free resources on the Internet. Use this strategy to keep your expenses down to a minimum while maximizing your profits!
How to locate the judgment debtor's valuable assets. You will learn the the easiest and most cost-efficient ways of finding the debtor's bank accounts, real estate, employer information, personal property and much more.
The million-dollar secret strategy for investing in judgments secured by real estate. Now you can use this simple yet high-powered investment strategy, once reserved only for savvy investors to make huge profits!
The fastest, easiest way to discover where your debtor works so you can garnish his or her wages. Create several wage garnishments for multiple streams of income. The money keeps coming in even if you decide to take some time off from your business.
How to use judgment liens as powerful leverage tools to make your judgment debtors pay you voluntarily. Easiest money you'll ever make in judgment recovery.
How to repossess the judgment debtor's car to enforce a judgment - In the course you'll discover how to locate the debtor's car and how to use the legal system to repossess it. If the debtor fails to pay you, the car is then sold at a sheriffs sale (auction) and the proceeds are mailed to you!
How to garnish rental income your judgment debtor is receiving from 3rd parties.
How to build enormous wealth collecting the mega-judgments with balances over $25,000.
How to garnish business income - Did you know that if your debtor is self employed you can instruct the sheriff to go to the debtor's business and garnish the money that customers pay the debtor. Commonly know as a till tap, this is a great way to enforce a judgment... and make the debtor pay in full!
How to make money with judgments that are about to expire. This is hands down one of the easiest ways to cash in on judgments, yet hardly anyone else is doing it.
How to make a fortune collecting child support and settling debts prior to litigation.
How To Garnish Payments Received From 3rd Parties - Is your debtor a subcontractor or an owner of rental property? Payments he receives from these 3rd parties can be garnished to enforce your  judgment.
How To Collect A Judgment If The Debtor Owns Real Estate - The easiest method for enforcing a judgment when the debtor owns real estate is filing a lien against the property. When the debtor sells or refinances the property you'll be paid through escrow after the loan is funded.
Plus, you'll receive all the legal forms, contracts and state specific court forms for every state in the U.S.. The documents can all be printed from your computer. No need to go looking for them. We have them all!

 This Goldmine Of Information Will Lead You Step-By-Step To Creating A Profitable Home Based Business!

Simply follow the methods and strategies I've created for you. You'll earn more money than most hard-working people make during their entire lifetimes!

You will have everything you need to profit handsomely in this fascinating business

You will know exactly how to generate income and build your business from day one... All from the comfort and privacy of your home.

I collected my first judgment, a $6,134.27 dollar deal in 7 1/2 weeks.
Here's what Jack Pittman had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.
Michael, this is unreal. The $6,134.27 check from the sheriff's office arrived in the mail just like you described in the course.
I admit I was extremely skeptical about your claims of $5,000 to $10,00 to say the least. I'd purchased a several money-making programs in the past and had been severely disappointed.
But this course lives up to it's name. I followed your instructions and to my surprise they worked.
I collected my first  judgment and earned $6,1394.27, in 7 1/2 weeks. Plus, because I bought the judgment outright from the judgment holder all the proceeds are mine:)

I could have collected the case sooner had I'd been working full time.
The work is exciting and the feeling of getting that first check was extremely satisfying. Get this course, follow the instructions and you will make money. Enough said!

I Earned $4,765.88 On My First 2 Cases.
Here's what Chris Purcell had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.
This program is directly responsible for the radical improvement in my income.

I had purchased some of the other cash flow courses but never  made any money with them.
But Michael's course is different. After applying his 9 step marketing plan I had clients contacting me in just 7 days!
Then I simply followed the collection strategies outlined in the course.
I am happy to report that I collected 2 small claims judgments within a few days of each other.

The end result, I earned $4,765.88.  I can see myself going full time very soon.
I'm collecting 3 or 4 judgments a month and netting a solid $7,000 or more every month.
Here's what Don Mathis had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.
After getting laid off from job number 3, I knew it was time find a way to make money on my own rather than depend on another company to take care of my welfare.
I'm thrilled that I found Michael O'Connor's course on collecting judgments. Thus far my results have been better than expected.

By implementing Michael's system I'm collecting 3 or 4 judgments a month and netting a solid $7,000 or more every month.
The secret to collecting judgments is simple. Just follow the course. Michael has created a system for collecting judgments that runs like a Ferrari. I'm very happy with my results.

I've tripled what I was making as a manager in retail!
Here's what Joe Duninger had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.
Michael, first of all, I want to say thank you. Really. I was working as a manager in a dead end job in retail. The pay was terrible and so were the hours.

I knew I had to do something. So I signed up for your free training. I was intrigued by everything I learned so I bought the course.
What I like best is that when you follow the 9 step process your outcome is predictable. I started getting clients. I located the debtors and their assets. I garnished the debtors and the checks came in the mail.
That was 7 months ago Right now I've tripled what I was earning in retail and I see an even brighter future ahead.
I'm earning over $6,000 per month consistently.
Here's what Roger Hamilton had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.

Michael, At one point I making $15 and hour and worried about how I was going to put dinner on the table.

But thanks to How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business I'm earning just over $6,000 per month.

A lot of the business opportunity training systems out there are just not practical or simply outdated and don't work. I've purchased enough of them over the years to know.
But this training system is different. It's the first course I've ever purchased where the instructions just made good sense.
For the first time in my life I have money and freedom!

Getting your course was one of the smartest moves I have ever made. I'm convinced I'll break the 6-figure mark in the next 12 to 18 months. 

How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business is a winner!
Here's what Sandra Campbell had to say about How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business and Michael O'Connor.
I purchased Michael O'Connor's How To Make A Financial Killing In The Judgment Recovery Business because I was looking to add another profit center to my real estate firm.
We chose to start off with the Judgment Lien Cash Flow System because it has some similarities to what we're already doing in real estate.
After 4 months of using Michael's training system I am elated to report that my agents and I have found a viable business and an ideal addition to the way we do business.
This course is a winner!
Make Money Anywhere In The Country...
From The Comfort and  Privacy Of Your Home!

You can collect judgments in any part of the country you choose. You can rest assured, wherever you go you'll always be able to generate enough income to live very comfortably.

Work Part-Time Or Full-Time and
Make Great Money Either Way!

If you want to collect judgments part time, you can! Or you can collect judgments full time if you want to increase your earnings!

You can even keep your current job, and ultimately leave on YOUR terms when you're ready.

I'm sure you'll find you're much happier when You Are In Charge. You answer to no one. Better yet... You write your own paychecks! That's about as good as it gets.

I guarantee this will be the best way to make money you'll ever find. No more counting precious vacation days. You will have as much time off as you want!

No more obnoxious supervisors to deal with. No more hectic deadlines to meet. Last but not least no more long 8 to 5 workdays.

You'll be free of the rat race for good!

We're ALWAYS Here When You Need Us!

I can't stress this enough. Once your business is up and running my staff and I will always be available to help you. We will personally answer all your questions and help you along your path to success.

You can contact us via telephone, email, and also through our online forum. You will never be alone.

Now For The Big Question... How
Much Is Your Investment?

Initially I was going to price the training system at $469.97 After all, you're getting 4 training courses in 1. However, I knew that price would make the program unaffordable for a lot of folks.

So here's what I did. Through this special internet offer you can secure my entire training system for a paltry $169.97. Shipping and handling is included!

At this ultra-low price the program really is a "steal."

Think Of It This Way

For less than the cost of a few bags of groceries, you'll have 4 turn-key businesses. You will have everything you need to make $5,000 to $10,000 a month, or more for the rest of your life!


Here's even better news... Collect your first judgment and you'll most likely earn at least 19 times or more your investment in the training system!

But wait... the deal gets even better!

Limited Time Bonuses When You Take Action Now!

Place your order no later than March 4, 2018, and I will add the following 10 bonuses to your package:

  A Free Website. You will receive 5 professionally designed webpages on our servers.

You can use them to promote your new business, generate leads, and build credibility for your business. Value $799.00.
  Lifetime Membership In My Forum. Here you can discuss issues with other judgment recovery consultants and also network with each other.

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   How To Recover Out Of State (Foreign) Judgments. This informative how-to-guide will reveal the steps necessary to enforce a judgment even when your debtor has moved out of state. Value $27. 
  Credit Reports Explained. Credit reports are one of the most important tools for the judgment recovery agent.

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  The Virtual Attorney. A portfolio of legal documents for both personal and business use. Value $57.00 
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